This is, by far, very similar to how I feel.

We Professional Liars

Today, George Lucas sold Star Wars.

In retrospect, it feels inevitable. The real story of Star Wars for a long time now has been the story of a business enterprise (Lucasfilm, to be more precise). It has been the saga of merchandising rights, of toy lunch boxes, of animated spin-offs, of poorly-conceived prequels. So of course the end of this chapter would be its sale for a staggering amount of money ($4 Billion, if you’re counting). Has one story ever made an artist as rich as Star Wars has made George Lucas?

I don’t know how to feel about this news. While Star Wars has transformed into an enormous, sprawling franchise, we still care about it. I know I do. That’s because, at its core, there is a great story there. A young warrior, an impossible quest, a charming rogue, a beautiful woman, a wise teacher and a fallen…

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